Getting Pain Relief Through Grenada Nutmeg Oil (GNO)



Are you looking for pain relief, but tired of the side effects of common over the counter medications?

Studies have shown that some of the best pain relief medications on the market can have possible serious side effects if they are not taken according to their specific directions. Some of these side effects can include liver damage, or internal bleeding if these over the counter medications are taken for extended periods of time. This can leave you without relief from your pain, or force you to wait long periods of time before you can take more pain relief medication. The question is, though, have you tried Lemongrass Oil for pain relief?

If you have become frustrated trying to find pain relief, you may find that the natural substances in nutmeg essential oil might just be the answer for you. Western medicine often fails to consider the tried and true natural remedies that have been known to work in Eastern medicinal practices for centuries. Nutmeg oil is one of those natural remedies that has been used successfully for the treatment of pain in the far East.

Nutmeg oil contains sabiene, b-pinene,

myristicine and eugenol along with other elements that make it a natural anti-inflammatory agent. For over 300 years the oil has been used externally to treat the pain from toothaches, the irritation and pain caused by eczema, and also to help ease abdominal pain and cramping. In pain relief, it crosses the board with possibilities.

Nutmeg oil is also an all over tonic, and you can rub nutmeg oil right on the areas that are painful, repeating as often as necessary. If you are looking for internal pain relief, you can ingest nutmeg oil in small doses. Combined with a glass of milk, it makes for a great tasting drink. The oil will help you find pain relief for diarrhea, vomiting, gastroenteritis, distension and bloating and also colic. We all know how painful these illnesses can be, and how hard it can sometimes be to find adequate pain relief for each one. Nutmeg essential oil can also help keep your skin toned and healthy.

As you can see, there are many wonderful benefits of using nutmeg oil, and one of the best is for pain relief. Nutmeg oil has analgesic, anti -rheumatic, antiseptic, antispasmodic and stimulating properties that make it an excellent choice for many different kinds of pain relief.