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JY Group, including JY Electronics and BLD Electronics, specializes in PCB and PCB assembly production, electronic product design and mold housing. PCB and PCB assembly, both PCB prototyping and mass production are popular, with PCB products up to 24 layers. of PCB and PCBA orders. PCBs and PCBAs are 100% electronically tested and functionally tested before delivery to the customer. We have obtained various management certifications such as UL, ISO, TS16949, OHSAS, etc. according to your requirements. For product and mold case design, we offer custom products as well as mold case design and parts sourcing services. We will source the best materials available. Excellent quality and timely delivery is our promise. With years of business experience, we have done business with many Fortune 500 companies (such as BMW GREE NIDEC SUMITOMO Etc, etc.) and hope to serve you as soon as possible.



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